Bright bars aim to provide sustained energy for consumers who’ve adopted the low Glycaemic Index lifestyle.
The new product claims to be one of very few in the snack bar category with a low GI, and is also flagged as having low GL (Glycaemic Load) - which takes account of carbohydrate content and serving size.
The bars are coated in Belgian chocolate to give
them a more premium positioning than standard bars and come in three varieties: Inside with cranberries, oligofructose, acerola cherries and rosehips, which supports inner health; Energise with orange, guarana and ginseng for mental and physical stimulation; and Relax with hazelnuts, Valerian root extract and magnesium to calm the mind and relax the body.
Marketing consultant Simon Wright said: “This isn’t set out to be a diet product or low calorie range, but is aimed at adults who have adopted the GI lifestyle, while its natural ingredients give people another level of reasons to buy it.”
Bright Bars are being launched into Sainsbury and Waitrose, priced 95p or £2.95 for a three-pack.