Some observers might argue the market is already too segmented, but Reckitt Benckiser would hardly agree. In the US, the company has introduced Heat Activated Microwave Wipes, under the Easy-Off brand. These are described as a fast and convenient way to clean a microwave oven and are much more than just an impregnated wipe. Claimed to "use the power of heat to clean your microwave", the wipe's pouch is placed in the microwave oven and heated for one minute. It pops open during heating to release a mist of cleaners that soften and loosen baked-on food. When cooled, the wipe is removed from the pouch and used to wipe down the interior surfaces. A box of six individually wrapped wipes retails at just over $3. The concept is not entirely new, as a similar microwave wipe was marketed in Japan a couple of years ago by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. But it is certainly unusual to use the microwave's heat to help do the cleaning. In some senses this is a logical extension of the Easy-Off brand name, as a typical use of Easy-Off oven cleaner is to spray on, heat the oven, then wipe it off. It is not clear just how many different packets of wipes the UK consumer will buy, but with some 80% of UK households owning a microwave, the potential is there. {{MARKETING - BRANDWATCH }}