Calls for an interim lottery arrangement are growing louder in the wake of the latest crisis to hit the National Lottery licence process. Dame Helena Shovelton has resigned as National Lottery Commission chairman, citing personal "vilification" as one reason. Harriet Spicer has the role until culture secretary Chris Smith finds a new commissioner. But retailers are worried the appointment process will only add to the delay in naming the new lottery licensee. James Lowman of the Association of Convenience Stores added: "The process is being undermined. Whoever loses the bid has grounds to dispute the decision." The Grocer's survey last week found 63% of lottery retailers said they were worried that a delay was inevitable; 65% said a delay would damage business. The Commission has talked to Camelot about a short-term licence to ensure handover runs smoothly. Lowman said retailers would welcome an interim arrangement. Handover was intended to be in October 2001 but with 28,000 terminals to set up, this is increasingly unrealistic. {{NEWS }}