The People’s Supermarket is to open a second store, can reveal.

The member-owned retailer will set up a second shop in Hackney following a public consultation. Kate Bull, chief executive of The People’s Supermarket, will lead the study and present its findings to Hackney Council.

Three sites in Homerton, Hackney, are currently under consideration. The first store, in Bloomsbury, opened last year and now employs 20 staff.

“This is a great opportunity for us further prove that our business model works,” said Bull.

“Social enterprises have been mistaken for operating only in the voluntary sector, but it is a way of doing business that goes much wider, across all industries and sectors.

“It can deliver a multitude of things for our local communities, including economic growth, jobs, while working towards solving social and environmental problems.”

Hackney councillor Guy Nicholson added: “People are becoming more concerned about the impact of mass food production and many are making more conscious food purchases.

"The People's Supermarket will provide responsibly sourced food, as well as giving people a greater connection to the production process of the food of they are eating - from farm to plate."

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