from Jules Carey, manager, MDS

Sir; Ten out of 10 to Allen Townsend of the Seafood Company (The Grocer, July 17, p30) for highlighting one of the most important issues facing today’s food industry - a shortage of good recruits to ensure adequate succession to keep up with the demands of this fast-changing environment.

MDS, which offers fast-track specialist management training for the fresh food and produce industry, shares his concerns.

The career and earnings potential for graduates and young people entering this industry, in a variety of disciplines, has never been greater. These are the decision-makers of tomorrow. Far from being ‘mad scientists’, these highly talented and experienced young managers have recognised the long-term benefits of an industry which will never go out of fashion. After all, everyone has to eat.

Directories such as Careers in Food and Drink, published by you and distributed freely to universities and colleges, contain a host of such opportunities to suit all interests. MDS has received many inquiries from this source.

We are happy to add our voice to Townsend’s calls for a campaign to promote the industry at all levels.