In flats, pets such as dogs and cats are often forbidden. This is reflected in the data, which shows flat dwellers are 26% less likely to have a caged bird, 43% less likely to have a cat and 60% less likely to own a dog.

Another driver appears to be having children. Shoppers who live in households with children aged under 15 are 25% more likely to have a cat. Pets can live a long time so even once these children grow up there is still likely to be a high prevalence of pets in the home.

Data shows that shoppers living with five or more people in the household are 44% more likely to have a dog.

Around 80% of cat owners use the supermarket for petfood, while 30% use a petshop or pet supermarket. Just under 70% of dog owners get their petfood from the supermarket and 42% use a pet shop or pet supermarket.

The exception is caged bird owners, 55% of whom use a petshop or pet supermarket, while 43% buy from a supermarket.