Mandoras, a partially seeded easy peeler mandarin hybrid, has become Cyprus’ largest citrus variety.
According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Nicosia, there will be at least 27,000 tonnes grown this coming season, with the majority exported.
Movements of the fruit out of the country are due to start mid-October to early November.
Mandoras is also known as an ortanique, Topaz or Tambor - according to where it is grown.
Despite the popularity of easy peelers, Valencia oranges, which are shipped post-Christmas, are still expected to reach 15,000 tonnes to all markets.
Meanwhile, Cyprus’ grapefruit crop is expected to be of a similar size to last year’s, according to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
Production of red and white grapefruit varieties is forecast to be 23,000-25,000 tonnes, of which around 20,000 tonnes will be exported.
Shipments will start around the middle of this month.