The Blind Eye Chosen from the old boy network; will not have the skills or initiative to challenge the board.

The Umpire A strong personality protecting shareholders' interests or resolving conflicts.

The Bishop A Teflon reputation brought in to help an image problem.

The Colgate Ring of Confidence Brings confidence to a company with an ambitious or unproven strategy.

The Plumber A 'Mr Fixit' brought in to repair a reputation and give credibility.

The Regulator A safe pair of hands who is alert, up-to-date on best practice, and has the gravitas to challenge a boss.

The Coach Can mentor a young or inexperienced chief executive and ensure he can find his way around the financial markets.

The Fabric Softener This appointment will play a role in making a company feel warm, cuddly and caring.

The Bright Spark Young, dynamic, an innovator, will bring new ideas