Awareness of the health benefits of soya aided by advertising and marketing is bringing new consumers into the category, while sampling and innovation are important in driving growth.

Existing shoppers are also buying more. Growth is supported by some increases in distribution, making a greater choice of product available for consumers. Price increases have also contributed to value growth.

The penetration of soya products is currently at 16%, so soya is not yet an everyday purchase. But as consumers become more educated about the health benefits we estimate it could be worth £150m, with up to 20% penetration in five years.

Any new innovation in the soya market creates opportunity to increase consumer awareness and understanding. But it is very important that the products taste good to ensure new consumers have a positive experience when they first try it. Recent product withdrawals, however, demonstrate that the category is not an easy one to launch into and that the offer, targeting and communication to support them need to be right.