The character licensed confectionery market is showing very strong year-on-year growth, with Easter 2006 up 25% and Christmas 2005 up 13%. Christmas 2006 has already started to sell through strongly with products such as the Dr Who Tardis, which is flying off the shelves.

Our 2006 Dr Who advent calendars, which are selling incredibly well, are now being sold on E-bay. Current highest bid is £7.00 plus £2 p&p. They retail for £2.99 in stores, so this demonstrates the power of the right character.

Bon Bon Buddies has invested in category management to ensure that the market continues to grow. The sales and profit potential of character confectionery has now been recognised by retailers, which are allocating increased space to the category.

At the heart of the growth has been the development of incredibly strong characters. By combining strong characters with innovative products, parents and kids have been given a compelling alternative to the traditional brands.