Multiple traffic light labelling and a review into advertising to children are likely to both kick off next month, according to the latest timelines set out by the key agencies involved.
The Food Standards Agency is expected to give the final go ahead to the controversial labelling scheme at its board meeting on March 9, following the end of a 12-week consultation next week.
Meanwhile, Ofcom plans to launch its consultation into advertising to children within two months.
The FSA has provided Ofcom with a nutrient profiling model, which gives foods a score based on their ‘good’ and ‘bad’ content. The intention is that those in the negative category would face
greater advertising restrictions.
The 12-week consultation will put forward proposals with conclusions drawn in June.
Although the FSA also put forward a colour-coded Guildeline Daily Amount model when its labelling consultation was launched in November, it signalled that it was behind multiple traffic lights.
Products set to be first on the list to test the system include ready meals, cereals, sandwiches, burgers, sausages and pies.
A spokeswoman for the FDF said it was fundamentally against any traffic light scheme as it was not based on “sound science”.