Team no Team names Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 1 TROLLEY DOCTORS 10.00am 11.20am 12.20pm 2 THE ROCKETEER'S 10.00am 11.10am 12.30pm 3 IGD COM 10.00am 11.30am 12.20pm 4 HIGHWAY 42 ROWDIES 10.10am 11.30am 12.40pm 5 TEA TROLLEY 10.10am 11.20am 12.50pm 7 FEISTY FISHERMAN 10.10am 11.40am 12.30pm 8 GROCER GIRLS ON THE JOB 10.20am 11.30am 12.30pm 9 TEA-RIFFIC TETLEY 10.20am 11.10am 12.20pm 10 THE SIMPSONS 11.00am Midday 12.40pm 11 ICE BIRDS 10.30am 11.20am 12.30pm 12 WAITROSE @ PLAY 10.20am 11.40am 12.50pm 13 THE WHEELS OF STEEL 10.30am 11.50am 1.20pm 14 SR5 Alive 10.30am 11.40am 1.00pm 15 CRAWLEY BELLE 10.30am 12.10pm 1.10pm 16 BUDGENS BULLDOGS 10.40am Midday 12.50pm 17 THE SAFEWAY BLUE BARONS 10.40am 11.40am 1.00pm 18 THE CRANBERRY CRUISERS 10.30am 12.10pm 1.00pm 19 ET HERON 10.50am Midday 1.20pm 20 SUZZANES STREAKERS 10.10am 11.10am 1.10pm 21 HILL RACERS 11.00am Midday 12.50pm 22 LOCK, STOCK AND NO SMOKING 10.50am 11.40am 12.20pm 23 THE APSLEY ALL STARS 10.40am 11.20am 12.40pm 24 THE GROCER DISPLAY TEAM 10.50am 11.50am 12.30pm 25 FAST FOOD 10.20am 12.10pm 1.20pm 26 SOMERFIELD BHOYS 10.10am 11.30am 1.00pm 27 SOMERFIELD EXOCETS 10.00am 11.50am 12.50pm 28 SOMERFIELD PACERS 10.40am 11.10am 1.20pm 29 THE WELSH TROLLEY PUSHERS 10.50am 11.50am 12.40pm 30 SOMERFIELD SOUTH WEST SURFERS 11.00am 12.10pm 1.10pm 31 SOMERFIELD KERNOW WARRIORS 10.20am 11.20am 12.40pm 32 BRISTOL BOMBERS 11.00am 11.50am 12.20pm 33 southern belles 10.00am 11.30am 1.00pm 34 Northern stars 10.50am 11.10am 1.10pm {{FEATURES }}