Sir; Having been in the trade for 40 years, I like to think I can still take on board new ideas and concepts that help us all to sell a little more and pay the bills. However, I've always thought this desire to appeal to new target consumers must be tempered by an air of truth and morality. With this in mind I read your lunchbox feature (The Grocer, July 27, p41) and saw some of the claims made by Paul Maylard-Mason from The Fabulous Bakin Boys indicating that: a) cake is perceived as a healthier alternative to chocolate and b) customers buy FBB products because their ingredients declarations "don't read like a chemistry deck". Well, I bought a packet of FBB 6 White Choco Loopys from Tesco this lunchtime and noticed no fewer than seven different E numbers in the ingredients declaration. I would respectfully suggest that Mr Maylard-Mason checks out all his product range before making such sweeping comments ­ no wonder the product is date coded until the end of October 2002. Healthier option? I think not. Walter McDougall D McGhee & Sons Glasgow {{LETTERS }}