If you thought that foreign holidays meant Brits took the opportunity to sample exotic gastronomy, think again. Online travel agent expedia.co.uk, surveyed some of the 15 million Brits who take foreign holidays. The results suggest that as many as half a million of them take bacon, sausages and some even pack eggs, just to be sure of an English breakfast. Nearly two million cannot bear to miss out on a brew up and take tea bags, while the equivalent of 37.5 tonnes of Marmite leave the country in holiday suitcases. And rather than wrestle with strange languages in foreign pharmacies, 450,000 Brits buy condoms in the UK before they hit the beaches. "British holiday makers are some of the most adventurous travellers, but when it comes to food, they're real stick in the muds," says Expedia md James Vaile. "I'm sure British customs officials would be staggered at the quantity of dried black leaves and brown sticky stuff passing under their noses." {{COUNTERPOINT }}