Sir; Tony Combes, director of corporate affairs at Monsanto, makes the remarkable allegation that processed organic foods are allowed to contain 5% GMOs and then associates this with being hypocritical (The Grocer, Letters, March 25 p25). This is a complete fabrication. The EU and the Soil Association have never made any such concessions in their organic standards for processed foods and are adamant that organic food must not contain GMOs. We find it regrettable that Monsanto is prepared to stoop to factual distortion in this way ­ misrepresenting organic food standards is not the way to make people more sympathetic to GMOs. Properly structured, independent, safety testing is far more likely to reduce public resistance, but this is an area where Monsanto has been conspicuous in its reluctance to back such research. Yet it is quick to condemn work, such as that of Dr Arpad Puztai, which raises serious questions about the health risks in consuming GM foods. Julian Rose Chair of standards board The Soil Association {{LETTERS }}