Green beans feature in 5% of all meals where vegetables are present. In 2002, this was equivalent to over 415 million occasions
Over 44% of green beans are consumed fresh, with frozen beans accounting for just under 25%
Over 30% of all green bean occasions feature home grown beans
Women account for 46% of all green bean consumption, men consume 41% and children just 13%
Green beans are predominantly eaten in one- and two-person households. Almost half (47%) of all green bean occasions are accounted for by two-person households
Single-person households account for a further 24% of green bean consumption, reinforcing the notion that they are not very popular with children
Consumption of green beans is concentrated most heavily on weekends, in comparison with fresh vegetables in general
Saturdays and Sundays account for 36% of all green bean consumption, compared with 29% for all vegetables. Sunday alone takes up 25% of green bean consumption