n Poultry is consumed at 1.3 billion household meal occasions in a year, accounting for 4.9% of all meals.
n Poultry has seen a 1.5% increase in consumption since 1998 in the home.
n Despite increases in frozen and pre-cooked poultry the consumption of fresh poultry has dropped 4%.
n 84% of individuals eat poultry during an average fortnight at a frequency of 3.2 times in that period.
n Children consume 21% of poultry, with the 11-16 age group having the highest penetration of all age groups at 91%.
n The evening meal accounts for 57% of consumption with 25% consumed at lunch.
n A third of total poultry is consumed at the weekend, 21% on Sunday, although main growth has occurred during the week.
n 37% of all poultry is roasted, although whole roasted poultry is in decline by 11%. Baking, microwaving, boiling and frying are on the increase.