We were taken by surprise that carbon footprint labelling is set to appear in supermarkets from next month - and plenty of others in the industry were too.

We knew it was on the way but who'd have thought it would come so soon?

It was only in January that carbon labelling entered the national consciousness, when Tesco announced plans to label all its products. We presumed this was years away. Not so.

Has the Carbon Trust done the right thing? Or should it have waited until it was ready to launch more products with the label on them?

Cheese and onion crisps might be Walkers' bestseller, but a label on a single SKU is hardly going to change the world, is it?

I bet debate took place behind closed doors before the initiative was announced - and I bet there was some disagreement.

However, I'm inclined to feel that now is the right time. It's vital that consumers are involved because their thoughts are the most important.And real life shoppers beat focus groups any day.