Ferrero has axed Tic Tac frontman Rudy, the little guy in the white suit, in favour of new ads which give the mini mints a flirty new image. The £3.25m campaign includes five weeks of TV ads from Monday (February 18) and a six-week cinema ad run. Six-sheet posters will follow. The ads are built around the theme Shake your Tic Tacs. A 20-second core brand ad shows a girl making eye contact with a guy on the Tube. She flicks a Tic Tac into her mouth and the film increases in speed to convey its effect on her. Alighting at the next platform, she shakes the Tic Tac box at the guy. In a 10 second execution dedicated to new spearmint flavour, a good looking man walks into a bar and suddenly all the women start shaking their spearmint Tic Tac boxes at him. Spearmint flavour will also be backed by a consumer sampling programme including covermounts. {{P&P }}