Ferrero UK is changing advertising tack for its Tic Tac brand in a £2.5m drive to give the low calorie sweets an emotional appeal. It says new TV ads next year will bring a total shift from the past focus on Tic Tac's two calorie freshness. The Italian brand owner says it wants to give Tic Tac more relevance to the UK market and a more contemporary feel with "a fresh and non-rational message". It has hired a new ad agency, Banks Hoggins O'Shea, to work on refreshing the image of the brand ­ but is not revealing details of the new creative just yet. A Ferrero spokesperson said: "Tic Tac is already regarded with a lot of affection. "But we believe our new strategy and campaign with more attitude and relevance to a UK market will reawaken consumers' feelings about the brand." The change of direction comes as Ferrero announces Tic Tac Mint is growing 29% in value ­ which the company says is contrary to mint market trends. Tic Tac Fruit is growing at over 20% in value (all ACNielsen figures to November 4 2000). Tic Tac has been on the market for 25 years and costs 29p for a single pack, and 89p for a multipack of four. It comes in mint, orange and lime/orange flavours. {{P&P }}