Many UK food and drink exporters to the United States will face additional red tape from December 12 as the country reacts to bioterrorism threats.
Exporters will have to register with the US Food and Drink Administration, and will have to notify it in advance with full details of all shipments under the proposed US Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act.
The USFDA plans to have the registration system operational by October 12 to accept early registrations. Registration can be done over the internet, or by mail, and is free. Exporters of meat, poultry or egg products, are not immediately affected as they come under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Agriculture, but that body is likely to introduce similar rules. The FDA is consulting on the proposals until April 4.
Steve Dawson president of the US office of Food from Britain said: "The US rules are in a 60-day comment period, but as they are presently structured they would have a significant impact on exporters. We are hoping to mitigate that."
A spokeswoman for the Food and Drink Federation said the US was its members' third largest export market.
"Any additional costs or delays to exports would be quite a concern. We want a pan-European response."

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