Mary Carmichael The Harrogate Spa Water Company plans to dive into the UK's booming bottled water market by resurrecting the North Yorkshire town's famous natural resource. It is launching Harrogate Spa branded water next week in still and sparkling varieties. The water comes from a deep well on the outskirts of Harrogate, last used more than 30 years ago. The newly formed company has invested £3m in building a state-of-the-art bottling plant. The UK bottled water market, which has just broken through the £1bn sales barrier [Canadean UK Soft Drink Report 2002], still offers plenty of room for growth. Consumption has grown to five times the level of 12 years ago, but still only one in three adults buys bottled water and only 5% of those buy it daily. French brands continue to dominate the branded market but UK-produced waters now account for three-quarters of the total market if own label is included. The newcomers' black, white and silver livery features acrobats on the label and embossed on to the glass bottles. It also sports the British Heart Foundation logo. "We wanted to challenge the blue for still, green for sparkling' liveries that dominate the fixture," said sales and marketing director Paul Martin. He said the design had been well received by both men and women. Packaged in PET for the grocery market and glass for foodservice, the brand aims to build a strong presence in impulse and convenience in its first year, added Martin. {{P&P }}