The Today's Group has embarked on a radical overhaul of its promotional programme to tailor deals more closely to the needs of its membership.
Promotional brochures will match each member company's style of trading, with material to be divided into four different categories - full product range, traditional grocery and impulse, convenience grocery and impulse, or licensed only.
In a separate initiative, the biggest Today's members will get the chance to offer their top retail customers a new marketing package including 250 personalised leaflets, PoS and shelf talkers every three weeks. The package will be provided free to at least the 25 best retailers of each group one Today's member.
Today's development director Chris Dale said: "Today's retail customers will benefit from this package regardless of whether they trade through cash and carry or a delivered wholesaler."
Today's was in growth with 82% of its biggest suppliers in the nine months to September, said trading director Nick Barber. "We've been in sustained growth for the last few years, but never to the level we're seeing today."

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