In fact, anyone driving past London's Royal College of Physicians could have been forgiven for calling the fire brigade, such was the cloud of smoke emanating from the huddle of nicotine slaves puffing away in the car park before proceedings began. Back inside, things were much healthier as a morning of seminars was followed by a panel discussion by the great and good including, among others, rival bigwigs Terry Leahy and Sir Peter Davis. A lively session of mutual appreciation preceded an open invitation for delegates to stay and chew the fat over a cup of tea. Few takers, although the Green Man pub down the road was doing a roaring trade. Further afield, a trip to Russia gave me the perfect opportunity to confirm the existence of a growing phenomenon at trade shows. I am calling it Bogof's Law of Erotic Clothes Helping to Exhibit Rubbish, or LECHER for short. My theory states that the more boring the product, the higher the number of attractive women on the stand, and the fewer clothes they will be wearing. I was pleased to see the Law being rigorously enforced at World Food Moscow. Everywhere I looked there were pretty women wearing very little, trying to promote such exotic products as tinned peas or carrots in jars. Now I'm no prude, but it is irritating to bump into sad Exhibition Men wandering the halls in a daze with their tongues hanging out. {{COUNTERPOINT }}