Despite all the talk about partnerships between retailers and manufacturers there are still too many conflicts, according to a top supplier. Christian Koffmann, worldwide chairman of Johnson & Johnson's consumer and personal care group, got a huge round of applause when he told the conference: "The chief executives of companies are very friendly and always talk about partnerships. But the situation in the trenches is slightly different. In Europe, a lot of time is spent looking at how far we can split the cake. In the US, most energy is spent on looking at how we grow the cake a little bit and then on how we split it." P&G boss Durk Jager agreed European retailers and suppliers should work closer together to grow sales by getting new products to shoppers quicker and faster. Unilever chairman Tony Burgmans warned that unless retailers and suppliers did work closely together "there will be no cake left to share". Earlier, delegates heard calls for retailers to share freely their data with suppliers to make ECR work. {{NEWS }}