from Jonathan Greenyer, senior account director, PMA Marketing

Sir; I read with interest and dismay The Grocer’s report on the most important innovations in grocery of the last century (‘Eureka’, The Grocer, p30, January 29).
Was this survey effected via a pre-selected table of options or could consumers write in anything they wanted?
I don’t see the broad health issues that affect the food market being raised, except tangentially as a so-called convenience factor. Is frozen food just convenient or is it a method of reducing waste and food poisoning in the course of delivering safe food to consumers?
Meat eaters may want to ask their grandparents about the quality of pork pies when there were few controls on ingredients, labelling or sell-by dates.
What about the really important innovations that save lives, improve health standards and address environmental issues? These include the introduction of enforceable standards on health and hygiene in the food chain and the launch of controls and regulations on the quality of ingredients.
Other developments include enforceable labelling regulations, improvements in food display and storage in shops, the year-round availability of food and 24-hour opening.
Then again, perhaps the bendy plastic straw is the most important innovation.