Toiletries is awash with clever innovation, from products offering beauty to the four-blade razor

With sales up by over £20m, facial beauty skin care is driving toiletries’ growth. Premium priced products such as anti-ageing creams are boosting sales. P& G launched Regenerist, an anti-ageing cream with similar benefits to Botox.
Premium-priced designer brands and intensive products have increased penetration of hair conditioners. Bogof promotional activity has also encouraged consumers to buy conditioners with shampoo, even when not on promotion. Head & Shoulders benefited from a relaunch focusing on beauty benefits.
Styling aids are up 5%, boosted by the male sector, with Brylcreem up 5%. Julie Baker, marketing director at Sara Lee Household & Body Care, says: “Brylcreem has a great sense of humour. The Barnet Sutra press campaign reflected this.”
Sales of deodorants and bodysprays have been boosted by new launches such as Lynx Dry, the first antiperspirant in the Lynx range. Sure launched Crystal Clear, an innovative product which does not to leave white marks on clothes.
Mach 3 continues to dominate blades and razors and has strengthened this hold with the launch of Mach 3 Turbo, boosting sales by 27%. Wilkinson Sword launched Quattro, the first four-blade razor.
In oral care, toothbrushes and toothpaste continue to decline due to the popularity of electric toothbrushes.
However, top brands Colgate and Oral B have continued to increase sales.
Rechargeable brushes are included this year which has helped boost Oral B from 14 to 3 in the ranking.