Future's Total Guitar magazine is celebrating its 100th issue with a special anniversary edition. The magazine will offer a chance to win an all-expenses paid place at a Los Angeles music school for three months. It is also giving away thousands of pounds worth of guitars, amplifiers and effects equipment. The special issue will contain the results of its 100 Greatest Guitarists reader poll along with interviews and celebrities' nominations. The anniversary issue also provides a full transcription and backing track of Hendrix's classic Purple Haze as well as musical notations from bands including Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Rage Against The Machine, Queen and Korn. Commenting on the 100th issue, editor of Total Guitar, Scott Rowley, said: "Since its launch in 1994, Total Guitar has become the leading guitar magazine in both the UK and Europe. These days, guitar playing has to compete with computer games and the internet for people's time and money. He added that Future also tries to provide budding guitarists with all the practical knowledge they need to play guitar. Total Guitar 100 is on sale on August 6 with a cover price of £4.99 and with a free guide to recording guitar on your computer, complete with software on the CD. Distribution is by Seymour. {{CTN }}