The Badger brewery is replacing its Export Ale with a new premium style Badger Original. This is part of a review of all the company's activities which has been taking place this year. Original, which is sold in 500ml bottles, has 4.6% abv and is an adaption of the Dorset brewer's draught Badger Best Bitter. Marketing manager Rick Payne said: "Part of our strategic review looked at our portfolio and how we were satisfying the repertoire drinker. "The research showed that the existing Badger Export Ale confused consumers both as to its position in the market and also as to where it stood within our own range. "A premium ale with character and a mid range abv was required to complement the portfolio of Tanglefoot, Golden Champion and Blandford Fly." The latest A C Nielsen figures show Badger is the sixth largest premium bottled ale supplier to the multiples, compared to ninth at the same time last year. {{DRINKS }}