Sir; Paul Mason of the Tobacco Alliance (pictured) makes some perceptive remarks about the problems of tobacco smuggling. But reducing the tax on tobacco would not solve the problem (The Grocer, March 23, p12). He rightly points out that "tobacco smuggling is a highly-sophisticated well-organised industry" accounting for more than two-thirds of all illegal imports. However, the freezing or reducing of tobacco taxes would prove ineffective as an anti-smuggling measure. The only way to tackle this enormous problem is to institute a secure distribution system for tobacco. Having a proper tracking and tracing system would dramatically reduce tobacco products "disappearing" into the black market. The technology to provide identity markings for tobacco packaging already exists. If the tobacco industry was serious about wanting to stop the illegal traffic of its products, it could adopt these measures voluntarily and stop smuggling almost overnight. Amanda Sandford Research Manager ASH London {{LETTERS }}