Assured Farm Standards has reacted angrily to a new attack on standards behind the little red tractor as both Compassion in World Farming and the RSPCA start farm animal welfare campaigns. Compassion in World Farming has launched a membership drive using press adverts with slogans such as Assured overcrowding, did you know that UK farm assurance schemes allow factory farming?' AFS chief executive David Clarke said: "There is a clash of cultures here. We are committed to working in any system of agriculture, including intensive. If we are to stop producing intensively in the UK, production will take place in other countries and control will pass out of our hands." He said producers who sign up to the tractor were independently inspected regularly to ensure animal welfare standards were maintained. The CIWF action comes as the RSPCA prepares to launch a direct marketing campaign to increase awareness of its Freedom Food label with a Do you label yourself as a caring type of person'. The British Farm Standard mark is run by independent umbrella group the AFS, and is subscribed to by 78,000 UK farmers and growers. {{NEWS }}