The food industry needs to be more proactive in getting its opinions across in the face of "sensationalist" media coverage of food scares, according to IGD chief executive Joanne Denney Interviewed on stage by The Grocer's editor Clive Beddall at the IGD's Leading Edge Convention, at the Commonwealth Institute in London, she said: "The food industry is one of the biggest contributors to the economy. It is big, successful and world class." Denney said that sometimes the industry had not been proactive in getting its opinions across, and there was no bedrock of trust among consumers. She added: "We have to remember the media will always be sensationalist. Pyres of burning carcases from the food and mouth disease crisis will remain indelibly printed on our minds." Denney told the 400 delegates that the IGD's role was to be an "honest broker", providing good honest information on the food industry. She said the organisation has become increasingly influential, but it was not its job to lobby parliament or parliamentarians. And she pledged: "It is not our role to comment on legislation, although we will continue to advise government commissions." {{NEWS }}