Retailers and manufacturers have been urged to work together to combat retail theft through radio frequency security tags. Some 344 delegates from 25 countries who gathered in Barcelona for the first European Source Tagging Forum were told security tagging at source could save Europe's retailers more than E28.9bn a year. It would also bring supply chain efficiencies, with goods tracked end to end. Keynote speaker Professor Joshua Bamfield of the Centre for Retail Research said the the UK must take urgent action because it had the highest retail crime rate of all the European countries. Bamfield said losses arose from shoplifting and staff theft. He also suggested some 8% of stock loss occurred during distribution. He said source tagging could eliminate it. Bamfield added: "Tagging at source could bring as powerful a change as EPoS did if it is widely adopted." Carrefour Belgium's risk manager Gilbert Geudens said: "Our intention is to go further in approaching suppliers. We want all products which are in demand in the black market to be tagged." Some 57% of European retailers use source tagging technology, with Spain leading the market. The technology is less common in the UK but M&S and Tesco are preparing to experiment with radio frequency tags at source. {{NEWS }}