Netto md Thomas Jellum said: "We are taking the signs down this week and will replace them with something less explosive such as information and directions for products on sale in each aisle. These are being prepared in Denmark and will be ready in the summer." Netto made its 52% claim on advertising boards hanging from ceilings in aisles at all 125 UK stores, based on the price of a packet of noodles in 2001 compared to 2000. Two other messages displayed around store and stuck on exterior windows claiming Netto win price war' and No-one beats Netto prices' will also be removed this week, after Trading Standards decided they also gave misleading price indications. Trading Standards liaison officer Trevor Gray said: "We advised Netto the board claiming to be 52% cheaper needs to come down straight away. It seems there was originally a second part of the message giving the background to the claim, but that had been lost." l Netto continues to expand in the UK, opening stores in Hull, Shrewsbury and Norfolk in April. {{NEWS }}