Cash and carries and delivered wholesalers could unknowingly breach proposed legislation on tobacco advertising, says the Federation of Wholesale Distributors. Director general Alan Toft said the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill's guidelines on staff exposure to promotional messages for tobacco are unclear, and must be clarified to prevent retailers falling foul of the law. The Department of Health has told the FWD that promotional messages may only be directed at those "who are in a position to determine what tobacco products their business trades in". Other staff must be protected so the promotion does not influence them to become or remain smokers. Toft said: "In a cash and carry, if a notice announces that a brand carries a certain price, does this message become a conventional exchange of information about prices, which is allowed, or is it a promotional message which would infringe the bill?" The Federation and the Tobacco Manufacturers' Association are both pressing for amendments to the Bill to clarify how it will affect the wholesale sector. {{NEWS }}