Tropicana’s new juice is coming out of the blue to tap into consumers’ insatiable appetite for superfruits.
As sales of fresh blueberries soar, Tropicana is launching Blueberry Blend as part of its Pure Premium range, which also includes new Orange & Mango, Tropical Fruit and Raspberry Mandarin. The drinks will replace the current Tropics range (Tropical, Tropical Zest and
Tropical Passion).
According to PepsiCo UK, flavours other than orange now account for 49% of the chilled juice market [ACNielsen MAT to July 9, 2005].
Said trade marketing manager Cara Beeby: “By introducing these four great tasting new flavours into the highly successful Pure Premium range, we will maximise the potential of this growth area.”
Tropicana said its blend of blueberry, grape and apple juice was timely because recent publicity had raised awareness of the health benefits of the blue fruit, which is an excellent source of antioxidants.
The new flavours have an rsp of £1.99 for one-litre cartons. The Tropical Fruit variant also comes in a 330ml bottle for 99p.