from Paul Monk, ABC Media and inVentaBrand

Sir; Your in-store TV article (‘In-store TV: will it prove a turn-off?’, The Grocer, June 25, p32) didn’t quite tell the full story.
It focused on digital screens but there is much more to in-store marketing than that, including radio, till receipts, ATMs, trolleys, posters and even good old cardboard at the point of sale. The common factor is proximity to purchase.
Also, in-store media is not just about advertising revenue - it should aim to enhance the consumer shopping experience by being interesting, informative and educational. It should also focus on products that are complex and premium.
With regard to results, most are outstanding, with high double-digit sales increases during campaigns. On average, post-campaign, a 4% product sales uplift and 2% category uplift are maintained.
So, the debate about above or below-the-line activity is largely irrelevant, although we see above-the-line as being more appropriate.
Finally, your article omitted to mention one other retailer who is at the leading edge of in-store media development - the Co-op.