Sir; As is so often the case in our trade, the use of the new Udex barcoding system is being sold as being of great value to suppliers, but of course the biggest beneficiaries will be the supermarket groups. My grouse is that there is a standard licence fee of £2,000 per company regardless of the size. There is a per barcode' fee as well but this is only £1 per item. While this licence fee can easily be borne by the multinationals, it seems desperately unfair to me that the smaller suppliers should be paying the same charge. How the supermarkets can suggest that they are trying to encourage small scale suppliers while at the same time insisting we all sign up for Udex, seems to me a very contradictory position. A banding option based on turnover would be fairer but the best template is this. When barcodes were originally launched in the UK under the auspices of the ANA, they had a notional charge for registration but then a far more substantial per line' charge. This is much fairer, but then of course the Udex scheme was agreed by the multiples and the likes of Unilever, so such considerations would not have been taken into account. Name and address supplied {{LETTERS }}