Sir; I see from advertising in The Grocer that Britain is to get its own food channel ­ UK Food. I hope it delivers more exciting programming than Food Network Canada. This channel has disappointed viewers by promising great things ­ and the subject obviously has great potential ­ but almost all the programmes are just a chef cooking food. Inn Chef, for example ­ presented by a chef who works in an inn; or Cook Like A Chef, presented by a chef, who, not surprisingly, cooks like a chef. Sometimes, deceptive titles are used. Food 911 sounds like it will cover cases of choking, or kitchen fires. But no, it's just another chef showing people how to cook. Those who tuned in to Cooking Secrets of the CIA hoping to learn how to hide the taste of poison, or where to inject the pentathol as your suspect eats, were disappointed to see a dull presentation by a chef from the Culinary Institute of America. I hope the British version delivers what it promises. Mind you, Naked Chef has already gone down the misleading title road, and has puzzled North American viewers who really did expect to see him naked. Nigella Bites is another recent British import which has met with underwhelming response. I believe the Canadian viewing public are reacting against the deceptive title. Nigella Potters Around The Kitchen would be far more apt. Duncan McKenzie Canadian TV writer Toronto, Canada {{LETTERS }}