To coincide with the US launch of Microsoft's games console Xbox on November 8, Future Publishing is issuing an advance edition of the Official UK Xbox Magazine. The Official UK Xbox Launch Special will have 132 pages and be housed in a flip-top, hard-card carton. Aside from the glossy, brochure style magazine, each carton will include a 30 minute broadcast quality video showcasing the games planned for Xbox. Editorially the magazine will feature detailed images and facts on numerous Xbox games to be launched in 2002, exclusive screenshots from as yet unannounced Xbox games, and behind the scenes information on the state-of-the-art console. Publishing director Colin Campbell said the special edition would offer enthusiasts "a mouthwatering taste of what to expect in 2002". "There's going to be a lot of excitement in the months ahead, and this Launch Special will be part of that fizz," he said. Retailing at £5.50 and with an initial print run of 50,000, the Launch Special goes on sale on November 8 for three months. The magazine will launch in the first quarter of 2002 with a covermounted games disc. {{CTN }}