US sales and marketing agency Crossmark has pulled out of the UK seven months after it entered the market.
The UK operation was established in June by former John Lusty executives Derek Wilson and Martin Wathes, and Crossmark's New England divisional head David Kerbel.
A spokesman said: "We have postponed the operation in the UK.
"Our clients are telling us they want us to focus on America."

staying on
Asda has offered permanent positions to 2,000 of the 10,000 Christmas temporary workers it took on at the end of last year, taking its workforce to 122,000.

snack similarity
Tesco has denied its new Temptations crisps are a rip off of Walkers Snacks Sensations as Walkers seeks legal advice.
Both brands come in black and white packaging, and are available in sea salt and black pepper and Thai variants.

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