Today’s tiring and stressful lifestyle is contributing to energy and stimulant drinks passing the £1bn barrier in the UK this year, said Mintel.
Sales of stamina-boosting drinks represent £1 in every £5 spent on soft drinks, with volume up 75% and value up 71% since 2000.
Mintel said energy drinks had moved from being niche to mass-market, with the 24/7 lifestyle of younger consumers driving sales particularly among this age group. “The UK has the longest working hours in the EU, and consumers are increasingly looking at products with an extra kick,” said senior consumer analyst Ellen Shiels.
Consumption of all main energy drinks declines with age. With Red Bull the drop-off is most evident from the age of 35, whereas Lucozade Energy has a slightly older age bias.
Price is the greatest barrier to sales, with 25% of those questioned believing energy drinks are too expensive.