A new set of advertising rules has today been issued aimed at preventing retailers across the board from making unfair or misleading price comparisons in advertisements.

The Committee of Advertising Practice said The Help Note on Retailers’ Price Comparisons - which replaces the Help Note on Supermarket “Basket of Goods” Comparison - was rewritten following consultation with various retailers, trade associations and regulatory bodies.

According to secretary of CAP Guy Parker marketers can save themselves “a ton of trouble” by following the new guidelines.

“In competitive sectors like retailing marketers will often use price comparisons as a key message in their advertising.

“But it is all too easy to get it wrong - and when that happens, marketers can end up being censored by the Advertising Standards Agency and subject to public disapproval.”

The Advertising Standards Agency said it received 247 complaints about price comparisons last year, 190 of which was upheld.