Sir; I noted with interest your article on British Sausage Appreciation Week (Market Watch, October 21). However, the data quoted paints a somewhat skewed picture of the state of the sausage marketplace. As one of the most profitable categories in retail, the reality is actually positive. Using four-week data as a standalone figure does not give an accurate reflection of the market as all influencing factors are not taken into account, such as the effects of promotional activity. In fact, the fresh sausage category is showing strong performance, 3.2% volume and 1.8% value growth year on year (TNS 52 w/e 17 Sept). Consumer expenditure is actually increasing, as people are buying at consistent levels and are actually trading up to the premium sector, away from economy/ value lines, so they're spending more per purchase. As number one and two brands in the category, both Richmond and Wall's are outperforming the fresh sausage market growth and now have over 20% share. Sausages remain in high demand by the public and Sausage Appreciation Week will be a welcome event. Kathryn Hayward Wall's {{LETTERS }}