Industry watchdogs are urging manufacturers to promote sensible drinking by voluntarily adding advice labels.
The Portman Group wants the trade to take a lead before the government introduces compulsory health warnings similar to those on cigarette packs. It also believes firms should convey a message about sensible drinking in ads.
The recommendations are part of a Portman Group report responding to government consultation on its forthcoming policy to tackle binge drinking.
The Portman Group's chief executive, Jean Coussins, said: "The industry needs to think about using brand advertising as a vehicle to convey a sensible drinking message as opposed to the prospect of compulsory health warnings. Negative health warnings are received badly by the public. They don't like being preached to."
She said the Portman Group had urged ministers to look at running a prolonged media campaign into the dangers of binge drinking modelled on the results achieved with anti drink-driving campaigns. The group would also like to see more companies putting details on products about the units of alcohol contained.
A spokesman for Allied Domecq supported the Portman Group's stance. He said: "We decided last year to launch a global initiative to use sensible drinking advice. The style of the message fits the strategy so it doesn't stand out as a bit of boring corporate propaganda."