Continued planting of GM crops could be endangering the future of US farmers who are struggling to sell them. CEO of the American Corn Growers Association Gary Goldberg said consumer pressure was forcing manufacturers to find non-GM sources of crops. "It is becoming impossible to guarantee the marketability of GM food products, affecting farmers' bottom lines. "GM crops are meeting increased resistance in foreign and domestic markets ­ continued planting is jeopardising the financial wellbeing of US farmers." Farmers selling GM potatoes and other crops are losing big brand customers who have pledged to go non-GM. Snack food giant Frito-Lay and McDonald's recently stopped ordering Monsanto's NewLeaf potatoes. But other manufacturers are backing their use. This week Kelloggs shareholders overwhelmingly voted to continue using GM ingredients in the company's products, even though it has pulled them from those marketed in Europe and the UK. Chief executive Carlos Gutteriez said there was no scientific evidence to say GM ingredients were unsafe and that the company did not want to be precluded from using them. - The European Commission is setting up a group to advise it on biotechnology issues after a report showed ignorance at the root of public opposition to GM ingredients. The body, consisting of 11 EU scientists, will encourage a closer dialogue between the institutions and society at large and organise a biotech forum in November. {{NEWS }}