Residents of Dallas are preparing for the arrival of Neighborhood Market ­ the small store concept being rolled out by Wal-Mart. The first Dallas store is opening this month in the suburb of Murphy, and will be joined by at least five more by the end of the year. Dallas residents and competitors have attempted with varying success to block the openings on the grounds the 42,000­50,000 sq ft outlets would threaten small stores. Wal-Mart has been testing Neighborhood Market in its home town of Bentonville since 1998, and is only now starting to roll out the concept across the US. It describes Neighborhood Markets as "smaller, more convenience-focused for trips to the store in between visits to one of our Supercenters". The stores, featuring gasoline pumps and pharmacies, are being located in areas where Wal-Mart already has a significant presence. {{NEWS }}