"I've been a customer for about 12 years and one of the things I like about this depot is I have always had a good relationship with the managers. They have always made sure new managers know who their regular customers are. I drive past a competitor's depot to get here because they were not so helpful. I developed a reasonable relationship with one manager there, but when the next one came along he didn't want to know."

Suresh Kotecha, C&N Convenience Groceries, Shepherds Bush
"I've been a customer for 19 years and I really like this new depot. Some of the depots are massive but this one is small and compact and it has everything I need. If you forget anything at one of the big depots it takes ages to walk back across as it's a really long way, but here it's not a problem. Also the staff are very helpful."

Raj Vasishta, Food World, Kilburn
"I've been a customer of Bestway since 1981 when they only had three depots, so things have changed a lot over the years. I generally come here about once or twice a week and I like the new depot because it is not too big, so it is convenient to shop and it has a good modern layout. I can get in and out in a few minutes. Also all the staff here are very professional and you can do deals if you are buying in bulk."