London's upmarket areas of Fulham and Kensington are the first sites for an ambitious new organic c-store concept from the brains behind Luscious low fat cafes. With first and second round funding totalling £745,000, Luscious has created a chain of 11 London cafes in high street, health club and underground locations. The two new sites ­ both under 1,400 sq ft ­ will trade under the Luscious Organic fascia. "This is the way the market is going," said co-managing director Alison Rose. "People don't want to have to make a special trip to an organic supermarket. They want to be able to pick things up on their way to and from work." Offering a "complete convenience offer", the stores will be 99% organic and will include a juice bar. The company is sourcing its lines from a range of suppliers and has developed a number of new lines to meet the requirements of a comprehensive convenience offer. The first two Luscious Organic stores will open in November. The company has identified a further four London sites suitable for the concept and is looking for third round funding. {{NEWS }}