The UK retail industry is throwing its weight behind the government's National Waste Awareness Initiative, which is designed to underline the reality that recycling is an issue that must be faced by society as a whole. The campaign, co-ordinated by environmental group Save Waste And Prosper, will encourage everyone to reduce, reuse or recycle their rubbish through the campaign Rethink Rubbish. "We did a lot of research to come up with an effective campaign," says SWAP director Gareth Morton. "It's all about changing the way people think at the point of decision, as they are about to put something in the bin, and making them realise that waste might have a value. "They can either throw it away or recycle it." Retailers will support the campaign by educating customers in store, helped by the use of promotional material, says Morton, or simply by encouraging their own staff to recycle more. The £680,000 Rethink Rubbish campaign will be touring towns throughout the UK using a giant motorised dustbin. The campaign will run for four weeks in the summer. {{COVER FEATURE }}